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Jackie Stiles instructs girls on shooting during a camp.

WNBA Articles
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WNBA News Articles

Columbia Tribune, 08/03/07
Still making her points

Kansas City Star, 08/03/07
Stiles is out of game, but still a star, 03/19/07
Jackie Stiles' joy, and sorrow

Sydney Morning Herald, 11/12/06
After four years in the dark, a chance to step into the light

Springfield News-Leader, 11/06/06
Different Stiles

Canberra.YourGuide, 11/04/06
Capitals looking forward to Stiles-ish entrance

Springfield News-Leader, 10/29/06
Stiles takes another shot, 10/28/06
Stiles recalls both the glory and the pain of her career, 03/08/06
Sometimes, legends do live up to the hype

The Oregonian, 07/21/05
Pedaling to her mettle

Associated Press, 07/18/05
Injuries force basketball legend to seek new challenge

Wichita Eagle, 06/23/05
Stiles still riding at top speed

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 02/07/05
Jackie Blue: Former SMS star still wants to play

Kansas City Star, 01/24/05
Former SMS star faces yet another operation

Joplin Globe, 11/14/04
Stiles hopes to make comeback in WNBA

Joplin Globe, 11/14/04
WNBA player gives youths some hoop tips

Lubbock Online, 10/26/04
Hawks add Stiles, major college's all-time leading scorer

Townsville Bulletin (Australia), 06/01/04
Hot Recruit

Townsville Bulletin (Australia), 06/01/04
Hot Recruit

Jefferson City News Tribune, 04/11/04
Injured Stiles still aspiring to make mark in pro basketball

Wichita Eagle, 11/19/03
Stiles refuses to let injuries end her career

Parsons Sun, 10/28/03
Stiles teaches campers while eyeing comeback

Springfield News-Leader, 07/13/03
Stiles driven by competitiveness

Portland Tribune, 06/27/03
Stiles puts positive spin on plight

Springfield News-Leader, 04/25/03
Stiles goes to Sparks with last pick, 04/22/03
20 Questions with Jackie Stiles, 03/04/03
Stiles Looks to Make Up for Lost Time

Springfield News-Leader, 01/08/03
Stiles appreciated fans, but glad to leave behind team dissension

McCook Daily Gazette, 01/03/03
Portland Fire's demise didn't get much attention

Springfield News-Leader, 12/29/02
Jackie Stiles trudges on

Springfield News-Leader, 08/27/02
A season in the fire for Stiles

The Orgegonian, 07/18/02
Stiles gets right back on the bike, 04/18/02
Chat with Jackie Stiles

San Antonio Express-News, 03/19/02
House of Stiles

Houston Chronicle, 03/19/02
Tournament time special for Stiles

Springfield News-Leader, 02/02/02
A perfect 10

Women's Basketball Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2002
Rookie No More

Springfield News-Leader, 01/01/02
Stiles meets herself coming and going these days

The Southwest Standard, 11/28/01
WNBA rookie of the year returns to Springfield

The Southwest Standard, 11/28/01
Stiles holds inaugural camp with help of former Lady Bears teammates

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/31/01
How will SMS do without Stiles?

Kansas City Star, 10/03/01
Stiles ready to come back strong after surgery, 8/17/01
One-On-One with Jackie Stiles, 8/10/01
Fire's Stiles realizes she's definitely not in Kansas anymore

Sports Illustrated, 7/23/01
Jackie O, 7/17/01
The Rookie Experience II, 7/16/01
The Rookie Experience, 7/12/01
Chat with Jackie Stiles, 7/10/01
In the Spotlight

USA Today, 7/10/01
Basket Hangin'

Kansas City Star, 7/08/01
Stiles looks to be adjusting well to life in pro basketball, 7/05/01
Q&A with Jackie Stiles

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/04/01
Stiles catches Fire in Portland

Springfield News-Leader, 7/02/01
Shooting star on the rise

Portland Oregonian, 7/02/01
A little help from home

Springfield News-Leader, 6/29/01
Stiles merchandise on fire

Indianapolis Star, 6/27/01
NCAA scoring champ Stiles contributes quickly with Fire

Springfield News-Leader, 6/02/01
Message to Jackie: Just shoot it

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/27/01
Still Jackie Oh!

CNN/SI, 5/27/01
Jackie's journey

Springfield News-Leader, 5/16/01
Stiles now a star on T-Shirts, 5/4/01

The Oregonian, 5/3/01
All eyes on Stiles

The Oregonian, 4/21/01
Just like that, she's not in Kansas anymore, 4/20/01
Draft Quotes from Stiles

College News Articles

Great Bend Tribune, 4/15/01
Home town celebrates with athletic legend

Great Bend Tribune, 4/15/01
Stiles holds court on her day

Topeka Capital-Journal, 4/15/01
Claflin stages Stiles show

Wichita Eagle, 4/15/01
Jackie honored in Claflin

Hutchinson News, 4/15/01
Scenes from the Stiles celebration

Springfield News-Leader, 4/15/01
Back where it began: Claflin honors its hero

Lawrence Journal-World, 4/02/01
Memories of 'Jackie' treasured

Kansas City Star, 3/31/01
With WNBA ahead, we haven't seen the last of Stiles

Wichita Eagle, 3/31/01
Claflin bears down to cheer Stiles on

St. Louis Today, 3/31/01
The night the lights went out on Jackie

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 3/30/01
Record-setting Jackie Stiles aims for NCAA title

New York Times, 3/30/01
Jackie Stiles, Pride of Claflin, Kan. (Pop. 600)

Miami Herald, 3/30/01
Stiles takes center stage at Final Four

Washington Post, 3/30/01
Stiles Turns Game of Basketball Into a Work of Art

CBS Sportsline, 3/30/01
Going in Stiles: This Final Four about one person

Kansas City Star, 3/30/01
Jackie's built it -- and they'll come to Claflin, Kan.

Springfield News-Leader, 3/30/01
Stiles shows us passion, hard work can make miracles

Tampa Tribune, 3/30/01
Best of the bunch

Wichita Eagle, 3/29/01
Stiles the talk of the nation -- finally

USA Today, 3/29/01
The distinction of Stiles

Washington Times, 3/29/01
Jackie Stiles masters March

San Francisco Chronicle, 3/28/01
Stiles: Meet Her in St. Louis

Wichita Eagle, 3/28/01
Converted 'Incredible' Stiles has a fan at Wichita State, 3/28/01
Something special

Seattle Times, 3/26/01
Scoring machine invites Pistol Pete comparisons

Kansas City Star, 3/19/01
Stiles simply does what she does best - score

Springfield News-Leader, 3/14/01
'Addiction' a catalyst for glory

Great Bend Tribune, 3/02/01
She's the talk of the town

Great Bend Tribune, 3/02/01
Jackie Stiles: A Shooting Star

Great Bend Tribune, 3/02/01
Stiles does it with style

Great Bend Tribune, 3/02/01
There are superstitions, 3/2/01
Stiles is something special

Great Bend Tribune, 2/01

Washington Post, 2/26/01
Unheralded Stiles Is on Point

New York Times, 2/26/01
Stiles Shoots a Jumper, and Another, for Her Sister

Springfield News-Leader, 2/25/01
Jackie Stiles: A Life in Play

Wichita Eagle, 2/25/01
The Jackie phenomenon, 2/13/01
ESPN Chat Transcript

Kansas City Star, 2/10/01
The Jackie Stiles Experience

Kansas City Star, 2/10/01
Old-fashioned hard work makes Stiles a prolific scorer

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/8/01
Numerous rituals help Stiles feel ready to go

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/7/01
Stiles is piling up points, but don't tell her how many, 2/7/01
CNN Chat Transcript

Evansville Courier & Press, 1/12/01
Points pile up for Jackie Stiles

Topeka Capital-Journal, 12/10/00
NCAA scoring mark in sight

Hutchinson News, 12/7/00
Still a scoring machine

USA Today, 11/29/00
Stiles on pace to break scoring record, 11/28/00
ESPN Chat Transcript

SLAM Magazine, 11/00
Country Stiles, 9/11/00
Stiles willing to wait awhile

Topeka Capital-Journal, 8/3/00
Rick Peterson: Springfield still crazy about Stiles

Great Bend Tribune, 8/3/00
Claflin Standout Holds Court

ESPN The Magazine, 3/15/00
TOURNAMENT SURVIVAL KIT-Stayin' Alive tip #3....."Find the Hot Hand"

St. Louis Post, 3/9/00
SMSU's Stiles tops hero with hero's help, 2/20/00
The highs and lows of a Lady Bear: Diary 3, 2/2/00
A long but successful week: Diary 2

Springfield News-Leader, 1/31/00
Coaches see many reasons for Stiles' dominant career

USA Today, 1/25/00
Stiles now more than a shooting star, 1/24/00
Road Trips and Pregame Rituals: Diary 1, 1/24/00
Always in Stiles: Story and Chat Transcript

Topeka Capital-Journal, 12/3/99
State all-century team: Wyandotte's Allen, Claflin's Stiles could do it all

CNN/SI, 11/14/99
Hidden Star: Scoring leader Stiles garnering attention at SMS

Kansas City Star, 11/13/99
SMS junior Jackie Stiles has spellbinding moves

SLAM Magazine, Dec. 99
In Your Face -- Jackie, Oh!

CBS Sportsline, 10/28/99
Do You Know Me?

Topeka Capital-Journal, 6/24/99
Stiles is one happy camper

Des Moines Register, 3/3/99
Different Stiles: Southwest Missouri State's Jackie Stiles has an unusual way of preparing for games

Springfield News-Leader, 2/15/99
SMS' Reed, Stiles Impress Women's Pro Scout

Kansas City Star, 1/25/99
Southwest Missouri turns game into late-night

USA Today, 12/29/98
Stiles' new approach pays off in points

Kansas City Star, 12/27/98
Determination drives scoring machine Stiles

Miami Herald, 12/12/98
Southwest Missouri St.'s Stiles dazzles foes -- and FIU is next, 12/11/98
No Stoppin' Jackie Stiles: Guard Pours In 52 vs. Baylor

Access Waco, 12/3/98
Stiles show captivates BU women

Baylor Website, 12/2/98
Southwest Missouri at Baylor

The Missourian, 11/18/98
24-6 record of '97-98 season not good enough, Lady Bears want a championship

Great Bend Tribune, 2/1/98
Road Trip

Topeka Capital-Journal, 1/19/98
Stiles thrills crowd at Wichita

Hutchinson News #2, 1/18/98
Jackie remains a small town girl

Hutchinson News #1, 1/18/98
No Place Like Home: Jackie Stiles scores 39 in return to home state

St. Louis Post, 1/17/98
Stiles stands out as new star at SMSU

Wichita Eagle, 1/17/98
Coming back with Stiles: Claflin's hoop legend returns to Kansas to face Wichita State

New York Times, 1/16/98
Happy Together: Stiles and S.W. Missouri

Hutchinson News, 1/16/98
Stiles returns to Kansas Saturday
HIGH SCHOOLS: Jackie Stiles breaks Kansas scoring records, packs in fans

The Sporting News, Dec. '97
Top frosh leads Bears' resurgence


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