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Chat with Becky Hammon
WNBA.com, 12/12/01

NewYorkLibertyLover 4 Life: What have you been doing in the offseason?

Becky Hammon: Well, after Sept 11 I was in New York for a bit. I went home for a while, then I came back. I got sick and had to have my appendix taken out. After that, I went to Mexico. Then I did some sideline reporting for a UConn vs. Vanderbilt game. Now I'm back in town working out and am going to start doing camps in Fort Collins on the 22nd and 23rd and in Rapid City on the 27th and 28th. Then commentating again on the 29th for the Triple Crown Classic.

Sylvia/Sacramento: Hi Becky. Do you plan to play overseas in 2002? If yes, where?

Becky Hammon: Yes, I am planning to play overseas. Right now I'm trying to play in Italy. Going over in the middle of the seaosn is hard. You have to find the right situation and I want to be with a good team.

Fort Collins, CO: Becky, What do you think playing overseas will do for your game? Keep up the good work.

Becky Hammon: Playing overseas will definitely help me with my ball handling abilities and I'm very excited to get more experience over there.

Jim (Macedonia, Ohio): Even though I'm a Cleveland fan, I've always admired your play. Were you in New York on September 11th and how has it affected you and the city as you know it?

Becky Hammon: YEs, I was in NEw York on 9/11. I was actually on my way to Newark to fly out that day. To watch that unfold changes your life and everyone is forever changed by it. I'm going to take precautions, but keep doing what I'm doing. To me, that's the way we don't let them win. It was heartbreaking to watch what happened. The whole country was torn apart.

pilight: Your alma mater Colorado State is looking strong so far. Is this the year the Rams make the Final Four?

Becky Hammon: Well, they're good. I was impressed when I went and watched them play. They're a young team and they always have next year. College is an awesome experience, not everyone is lucky enough to have the great experience I did.

Amanda (PA): Hey Becky! I just transfered schools and now I'm the 6th person off the bench. It is very different for me because I started in my freshman and sophomore years. Any tips on dealing with this?

Becky Hammon: I've actually dealt with a similar situation. You go from college playing 40 minutes a year to barely playing at all in my rookie year. Life is about adjusting. Take the opportunity to learn from the situation and make yourself better becaues of it so that you can get more minutes next year.

HAMMONTIME: Hey Becky, happy holidays! A couple questions...What kind of traditions do you enjoy the most with your family during this holiday season? What would you like for Santa to leave under your tree the most, depending of course on whether you've been naughty or nice?

Becky Hammon: On Christmas Eve both sides of the family come out from my mom's house, then on Christmas day everyone else comes over and we open presents. On Christmas Eve we have a big meal and everyone over. We relax and watch football and eat! What would I like for Christmas? I would want a new car or something. Maybe a loaded Bentley or Rolls Royce. For the adventurous side in me, a Hummer. I like surprises.

Lady Liberty: What things do the Liberty need to work on or gain to better themselves as a team?

Becky Hammon: Well, I think we need to make a bunch of minor adjustments and have some wrinkles to iron out, but we'll be tough again this year.

Whitney: Hello, first of all..thank you for being a great role model and being a good person. OK, for the question ... I am 5-7 and my coach is always telling me he won't play me on the "A" team because he isn't sure if I can take the knockings from the other girls that are like five times bigger than me. I know that i could. How should I show him that I can take it? Thanks again.

Becky Hammon: Thanks for that compliment, I know the whole WNBA takes pride in that. In practice, just show that you're not afraid to take a hit in practice, jump on the floor for lose balls, and take advantage of your opportunities in practice.

Basketball Fan21: Hey Bec!! Gap or Old Navy? McDonalds or Burger King? JC or Justin (NSYNC)? Green or blue? M&Ms plain or with peanuts? Coke or diet? Fort Collins or Rapid City? (Nothing compares to NYC!) You are the best! Thanks.

Becky Hammon: GAP, McDonalds, don't make me pick...JC since Justin's already taken, blue no green, with Peanuts, definitely regular Coke, I plead the 5th on that one.

Barry (Phoenix): Some analysts have said you are the best "pure shooter" in the WNBA. What is your practice regimen for hitting those tough three pointers and other long-distance shots?

Becky Hammon: I think a lot of it has to do with repetition and being able to have the same form no matter how far you are from the basket. A lot of shooting comes in having the confidence to take the shot. Practice a lot and take the shot.

Beckys #1 Fan: I know you have a basketball camp in South Dakota and Colorado, would you ever have a camp in New York or the East Coast?

Becky Hammon: It's definitely crossed my mind and is something I want to do in the future. Right now I'm running out of time. I'd like to run one with Sue Wicks and Crystal Robinson. Would you come?

Kim: Hello Becky!! I absolutely love you and the Liberty and want to wish you all good luck next season. Out of this year's college seniors, who would you most like to see join the Liberty?

Becky Hammon: Thanks for the support for the Liberty! There are two players I'd like to play with, Chantel Anderson (who's a junior), Swin Cash will be a great post and Sue Bird, an uptempo point guard.

NYbball: Everyone always asks who your toughest opponent is in the league to defend. I want to know who the toughest player for you to guard on your *own* team is during practice.

Becky Hammon: Vicki Johnson, without a doubt. She is hard to defend. We play a one-on-one drill a lot and she kills everyone.

Mike in Storrs: Who do you think will make it to the Women's Final Four in San Antonio?

Becky Hammon: UConn, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and a Cinderella like...Colorado State! Anyone can get to the Final Four. You need to have a great team and luck.

Mary: Hey Becky! You absolutely rock on the court. You're New York's secret weapon. I know you have a lot of fun off the court with your teammates. What sticks out in your mind as one of the funniest moments you've had? Who is a blast to be around?

Becky Hammon: Me, Sue, and Crystal have a lot of fun together off the court. More than anything, we probably make fun of each other. Crystal pantsed me one time in a hotel in an elevator with glass all the way around. There was a men's business meeting going on and she got me good!

Nick (Medina, OH): Are you single?

Becky Hammon: Yes and I have many cupid's trying to hook me up with people, but so far, no luck.

Mo White: Hey Becky! Great job this season! You are my favorite player! How do you think the Liberty will do this season? Thanks for being such a great role model!

Becky Hammon: I think anything less than Championships and we're all going to drive ourselves crazy. That's our goal every year, but the competition keeps getting better. Our GM is going to go insane, too, if we don't get one. That's what we're shooting for.

Becky Hammon: Thanks for all of the questions. Have a very Merry Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. I have a lot to be thankful for and the holiday season is a time to give thanks for what we've all been given.

Moderator: Thanks to Becky for joining us today!