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Hammon Personal Fan Letter
By Becky Hammon, BeckyHammon.com, 12/11/01

First, let me start by saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I am definitely in the holiday spirit, and I’m very excited about this upcoming month. But first I wanted to give a recap summarizing the past two months of my life.

It’s been a very painful couple of months (I’ll get to that in a second), and then it has also been a really busy two months.

So let me take you back to October. It all started the night I had an appearance at Rutgers University. I met some of my most faithful fans (You know who you are! By the way I checked out your website, and I liked it! I especially liked your encounters section. It put a smile on my face). So anyways… of course I felt fine while I was doing the appearance, and on the way home I started feeling a little sick. By the time I got back to my apartment, I started feeling really sick. My body ached all over, and through the course of the night I got a pretty high temperature. By the next morning I felt HORRIBLE, my fever ran around 103 degrees. My head was pounding, and my lower abdomen was killing me. So after two days of this I finally broke my fever, but my abdomen was still hurting pretty bad. So, I waited a few more days. I can be pretty stubborn with myself sometimes, and think I can just fix things myself. However, I decided I better go in to see the doctor, because I knew something was definitely not right.

I decided to go to the doctor and get a blood test done along with some other tests. So the doctor received the results, and said he was a little concerned about some things they found in my blood. The next day, I was at the hospital getting a cat scan/MRI, and they sent me home saying if you feel any pain go to the emergency room. At about 12:30 am, I had a pretty bad pain again, and I headed to the emergency room. I stayed there all night with a needle in my arm (which I really didn’t like). The next morning, after getting checked on by about 4 different doctors, I had to get wheeled up to the surgery unit. And around 10am, almost exactly a week after I felt my first symptoms, I was in surgery… but I’m not going to tell you what for yet.

After that I was out of commission for about a week and a half, couch ridden!!! I hated it. It was the first operation I’d ever had…. and I don’t care to have any others either! I finally started slowly to become more active. Oh, did I mention that I was supposed to be moving all this time too…. Thank God for great friends, who did most of it for me…. and my cousin Ken (who’s an absolute sweetheart) drove a lot of my stuff back to S.D. for me…He’d have to be sweet to do that!!! Actually they were all sweet for doing it for me, because moving is a pain when it’s your own stuff, let alone someone else’s things!!

I finally get back to S.D. after wrapping up a few loose ends, and about three days after I got to S.D., I left for Mexico with my family. This was now three weeks since my operation (any guesses on what it was yet?) Mexico was awesome. I did a lot of swimming and a lot of diving, which is a nice relaxing way to get my body going again. Though, what made my trip is that we saw some awesome things on our dives.   I LOVE ADVENTURES and CHALLENGES and our dives were both of those. We saw sea turtles, moray eels, barracuda (I snagged one of those on a pole), spotted eels, sting rays (petted those, be careful though, stay away from the tail), octopus (I caught one of those with my hand), saw huge crabs, and lobsters (I caught those too), but don’t worry I didn’t hurt them. I did let them all go of course, but held onto them long enough to get a good look at ‘em. I saw a few lobsters that should have been walking down 34th street with a leash on them. Hey they were bigger than most dogs that I’ve seen, but not bigger than my TREY boy!!!

What takes the cake though, is when I spotted a 9-foot shark sitting underneath a big corral head, chilling on the sand. It sort of looked like a cave. Keep in mind that the surface of the water is about 75 feet above you and the shark is only about 5 feet in front of you. You are in his world, and you have to respect the power, grace, and beauty of these animals. As you can imagine the adrenaline rush was AWESOME and EXCITING. Then later on that same dive I spotted a six-foot shark cruising around, so my dive partner and I took off after it. This is a diving No-No; never leave the group!!! Oh, well I really wanted to see this shark close up. I knew it was only a nurse shark by its fin structure (being that I love the animal planet station and am fascinated by sharks). By the time we finally caught up to it, we had sprinted under water for about 250 yards, and were using up our oxygen quickly from our rapid breathing. The dive master finally caught up to us, and chuckled at us getting excited over a six-foot shark. He continued to tell us that a few weeks ago he had seen a 16 foot Great Hammerhead shark in that area…. which would be a little TOO much excitement for me to stand!!! I’m just glad he wasn’t around that day!

Okay, now back to the real world in the States. The day I returned from Mexico I had an appearance/signing in R.C. An hour later, I caught a flight out to the east coast to do the Sideline Reporting for the WNIT finals game between UCONN and VANDY. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. But I’m just a rookie in that field, so there’s still soo much to be learned. I’ll be trying it out again, only this time as a color commentator on Dec. 29th for the Triple Crown Classic in Texas. It will also be my first time, so if you email my web site what you think…don’t be too harsh on me =) Please keep in mind that I’m still a rookie.

The month of December will not be slowing down for me either. Along with a few appearances, I have my camps in both Colorado, and S.D., which I’m really looking forward too. I always have fun teaching and working with my campers, and I also have a great camp staff as well.

I’m also looking forward to spending more time with my family before I head overseas. At least that is the plan, but don’t ask where yet…I’ll let you know, when I know. I’ll be ready to go…. I really miss playing in games and stuff already, so while I workout I try and make up competitive games for myself. Everyday I try and beat my scores from the previous day. I guess I just make up my own games, since I can’t play in them yet.

So have you guessed my illness yet…it was appendicitis! I had to get my appendix taken out. They cut my lower abs, so coughing, sneezing, and laughing hurt for a good 3-4 weeks after the surgery. And since I love to laugh, I was in pain all the time!!

One last thing, I wanted to apologize in advance if some of you have written or sent me things to sign.I lost track of a lot of things during my move, (which I wasn’t moving or packing myself), so some things have gotten lost, misplaced, etc. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh, one more last thing (I promise this really is the last thing). I’ve been receiving some mail and emails with people asking me if I go on line and do instant messaging. I want to make this very clear…IT’S NOT ME! So, if someone is claiming that they are me…IT’S NOT ME. Was that clear enough…great, so now you all know!! IT’S NOT ME!!

Have a Very Happy Holiday, and may God bless you and yours this Christmas!!!!!